Fehras Publishing Practices

Fehras Publishing Practices investigate the histories and present of Arabic-language publishing and its entanglement in the socio-political and cultural sphere across the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the Arab diaspora. It understands publishing as a possibility for creating and accumulating knowledge and works with different formats such as installations, films, publications, lectures and performances aiming to extend the notion of publishing. Fehras’ practices are concerned with translation as a tool for creating solidarity and deconstructing colonial power, and its relationship to cultural domination in its traditional and modern forms. They examine publishers and university catalogs as well as newspaper, radio, and television archives. Personal stories of publishers, memoirs, letters, and photographs are also part of this research. Fehras was co-founded by Kenan Darwich, Sami Rustom and Omar Nicolas in 2015 in Berlin. Since 2022 Fehras is run by Kenan and Sami in collaboration with artists and cultural workers of their community.