My Mother’s Wound

by: Gulzat Matisakova

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Gulzat Matisakova, My Mother’s Wound, 2021, 9’40’’.

My Mother’s Wound is an autobiographical short documentary dealing with a certain kind of a generational trauma, which seems quite common among women in post-Soviet Central Asia. Using animation and drawings made during the therapeutic sessions, the author tells the story of her mother who had been born and grown up in the Soviet Union, then struggled against both the new capitalist regime and the new-old  patriarchal family customs, got intoxicated by too much TV, developed depression and passed all of this on to her daughter. Despite the story’s overall bleakness, the film is an attempt at symbolic recovery, offering a pronounced therapeutic promise and optimistic outlook.

Gulzat Matisakova is a filmmaker from Kyrgyzstan, who is based in Berlin. Her documentary films could be described as personal in perspective and political in scale. Gulzat works a lot with intimate stories, including her own auto-biographic stories. A graduate of Erasmus Mundus master program in documentary filmmaking, twice scholarship holder of artist program by Hamburg senate, Gulzat is passionate about feminism, migrants’ rights and dancing. Currently she is involved in self-organized film school Film Arche and hopes to find funding to work on documentaries in her home country.