Suza Husse

The Language of Plants: Magazine

A conversation between a Ceiba tree in Olomouc and the knowledges of healer and midwife Ina Röder Sissoko and Suza Husse about medicinal, spiritual and political powers of plants at the intersection of Black feminism and post-/socialist herbalism. The conversation is accompanied by the post-botanical imaginaries by Anna Zemánková as well as materials from the video art and films by Anna Zett, Marwa Arsanios, Naomi Rincòn Gallardo and Phuong Linh Nguyen. The Language of Plants Magazine is part of the screening chapter 6 1/2 Signals From Roots To Leaves – A Post-botanical Assembly, curated by Suza Husse with and for Maguey (Agave), Ceiba, Qirnefîl (Carnation), Riesenschilf (Giant reed) and Đa búp đỏ (Rubber tree) in the Botanical Garden Olomouc.

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