Jana Seehusen

Jana Seehusen’s practice as an artist and writer focuses on modes of language and action in relation to concepts of in-betweenness, otherness, and transitionings. Her work in the field of art theory, aesthetic theory in film, and cultural studies relates to questions on in/visibility, subject and gender theory, and identity politics. Her most recent publications are: “Performing Documentary. Birgit Kohler im Gespräch mit Jana Seehusen” (2014), “Echo: Lauter widerständige Entwürfe. Künstlerische Praktiken von Korrespondenz und Transfer” (2015), “How to perform entangled memories: Vom Sehen im Nichtsehen” (2016). Visualität und Abstraktion. Eine Aktualisierung des Figur-Grund-Verhältnisses, with Hanne Loreck (ed.) (2017). Since several years, she is part of a production e.V..


ONLINE: Screening Chapter #1

The Suspension and Excess of Time

The curatorial selection The Suspension and Excess of Time explores the role of time within a period of radical political, social, and economical change. The selected video works focus on the changes different societies were going through during the Perestroika era, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the collapse of the soviet empire. Paying tribute to speculative temporalities, curators Becker and Seehusen will trace people’s everyday experiences in the former “East” and “West” before and after 1989 / 1991.

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