Katja Kobolt

Katja Kobolt (PhD) works on junctures of art, writing, and teaching. Katja worked for almost a decade with the City of Women Festival Ljubljana (2000-8). Katja co-founded the feminist curatorial platform Red Mined (Living Archive, 2011-15; 54. October Salon Belgrade, Endless Red Mined Symposium 2017–present). She has curated, initiated, or produced art and discursive events all over Europe. Currently she is working with a Munich collaborative art space Lothringer13 Florida and no stop non stop, a forum on post-migratory society. Katja teaches and writes on art, life, and feminism and holds a PhD on the topic of feminist canonization.


ONLINE: Screening Chapter #6


The screening chapter ReTopia acknowledges “post-socialism” not only as a continental but also as a global phenomenon, though with palpable regional specificity and intensity. It looks at transitional shifts and modes of remembrance of historical processes that evoke forms – rejected, outmoded, disposed from power, gender political, architectural, and even full of potential. Without being afraid of utopian ideology, it looks back and forth and sideways in search of radically different futures. Both curators, Bettina Knaup and Katja Kobolt ask these questions against the backdrop of their individual and collective endeavors to create “temporary archives”: re.act.feminism (2009-2013), a travelling performing archive Bettina Knaup initiated with Beatrice E. Stammer; and Perpetuum Mobile. The Artotheque, a collection of videos and other digitized works initiated by feminist curatorial collective Red Mined within the Living Archive (2011-2015) through the simple act of giving.

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