Miona Bogović

Miona Bogović is a film director who works between Berlin and Belgrade. She holds a diploma in filmmaking from the German Film and TV Academy (dffb) and moves professionally between film industry productions and collaborations with visual artists. She is currently preparing her next film Der Andere Zenit / Drugačiji Zenit as part of an artist-in-residence program Pixel, Bites and Films in Vienna – supported by ORF III, arte creative, and the goEast Film Festival in Wiesbaden.

ONLINE: Screening Chapter #3

Cosmos Cosmetics: Unresting Memoryscapes and Corpofictions

Political protocol tends to dispossess, overwrite, and refurbish unwanted narratives. Parallel to this, there are new agencies that enhance the intersections, reciprocities, and movements between bodies, spaces, objects, and memories. The video art and experimental film works of COSMOS COSMETICS: Unresting Memoryscapes and Corpofictions are concerned with architectural, corporeal, and phantasmatic materializations of internalized mnemonic, and bio-political regimes. Meanwhile they address surface porosities and subcutaneous layers of post-socialist cities. Hence this chapter of screenings in D’EST brings together artistic strategies and methods for unsettling, decontaminating, and queering artificial mono-histories, which stem from the urge to untag and distance the subject from the constraints of conformity, imposed belonging to a certain ethnic group or community, and identitarian politics in general.

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