Nataša Ilić

Nataša Ilić is a curator, critic, and member of the curatorial collective What, How & for Whom / WHW, formed in Zagreb in 1999. Since 2003 WHW has been directing the program of the city-owned Gallery Nova in Zagreb. Nataša Ilić has worked internationally in various contemporary art contexts. With WHW, she curated the 11th Istanbul Biennial in 2009 and the Croatian Pavilion for the Venice Biennial in 2010. Among others, the curatorial collective’s international shows include Collective Creativity (2005), Really Useful Knowledge (2014), Meeting Points 7: Ten thousand wiles and a hundred thousand tricks (2013–2014), My Sweet Little Lamb (Everything we see could also be otherwise (2016–2017)).

ONLINE: Screening Chapter #5

We Are Family

Entwining autobiographical, historical, and fictional narratives, this screening program examines generational, personal, and political frictions, breaks and entanglements, taking place in the dystopian context of post-1989. The tension bears down on the sphere of the personal and the political maintained through the relationship of the four figures: the figure of Neighbor, the figure of Mother, the figure of Lover and the figure of Other.

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