by: Nguyen Tan Hoang

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Nguyen Tan Hoang, PIRATED!, 2000, 11’ (trailer).

The video unites two moments of Vietnamese history — the aftermath of 1975 and the normalization of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and USA — in a vivid gay sex dream of a teenager. This subversive dream-memory fuses yellow music love songs and Western film music and splices together bodies of Hollywood famous actors, gay porn stars, Asian gays refugees and Vietnamese divas. Languages, subtitles, songs and body-sea images mingle, collide, loop.

Nguyen Tan Hoang is a videomaker and film and media scholar. His short experimental videos include K.I.P, Forever Bottom!, PIRATED! and I Remember Dancing. He is the author of A View from the Bottom: Asian American Masculinity and Sexual Representation (Duke UP, 2014) and articles on porn pedagogy and Southeast Asian queer cinema. He teaches literature, film, and cultural studies at UC San Diego.