Sing an Idle Song

by: Síu Phạm

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Síu Phạm, Sing an Idle Song, 2020, 6’

Spaces are constantly overlaid over one another, like a window, a crack. A middle-aged man plays the guitar while singing a sorrowful song; the sea. Deluged roads in a tropical country; a sleeping woman. A garden; an unfamiliar spirit. Lines of poetry. We don’t know where to hold onto, for everything is restless. From the song, many questions echo: “What are you singing?”

Síu Phạm was born in Hanoi. She studied at the University of Literature and Saigon University of Pedagogy, majoring in Philosophy. Having moved to Switzerland more than 30 years ago, she studied art history, screenwriting at the Focal & Fonction Cinéma Suisse and film analysis at the University of Geneva. She worked in Geneva as a director of modern theater. With Jean-Luc Mello, Síu Phạm has made a number of films in Vietnam such as: Here… Or There? (2011), Homostratus (2013), On The Endless Road (2017) and We Come Into Life (2019). Homostratus and On The Endless Road respectively won the Unique Vision and Special Jury Prize for Poetry Cinema at the Queens World Film Festival held in the US in 2018.