Eva Birkenstock

After studying in Cologne, Berlin, and Havana, Eva Birkenstock has worked in various positions at the Kunstverein in Hamburg; the Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg; and Ludlow38, New York. From 2010–2016, she was curator of the KUB Arena, the KUB Billboards, and the KUB Projects at Kunsthaus Bregenz, where she edited the publications On Performance (with Joerg Franzbecker), Beginning Good. All Good (with Kerstin Stakemeier, Nina Köller), Art and Ideology After 1989 (with Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Jens Kastner, Ruth Sonderegger), and KAYA. Currently she is the director of the Kunstverein Düsseldorf, curator of the Performance Project of LISTE Art Fair Basel and one of the five initiators of the ongoing magazine, exhibition, and debate project Class Languages.

ONLINE: Screening Chapter #4

The Body as an Indexical Reader

The chapter examines the body as a collective, as a singular entity, as a social choreography of an alliance of states, as an organless, cognitive-capitalist, cerebral network, as a corporeal reading instrument of past, former socialist indices, as a place of textual and discursive inscription, but also as a genuine place of affective encounters and material practices. The curators focus on video works and films that flare up the affective, somaesthetic, relational and transformative potentials of the body after 1989 / 1991.

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