Naomi Hennig

Naomi Hennig lives in Berlin, where she works as researcher, artist, curator, editor, and project coordinator. She graduated from ECA Edinburgh and UdK Berlin and has since been involved in a number of artist-run initiatives. She collaborated in curatorial projects including an exhibition on the Artist Placement Group (APG) with Ulrike Jordan, presented at Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin, and Summerhall, Edinburgh (2015/16). She co-curated the research and exhibition project Spaceship Yugoslavia at nGbK Berlin in 2012. Between 2013 and 2015, she organized the exhibition program at Galerie im Turm.
Her artistic and curatorial research revolves around the memorialization of political micro-histories, as well as the relationships of place, history, ecology, and economy.

Screening #4

The Body as Indexical Reader

Among the manifold effects of the post-1989 transformations, one can discern certain semantic shifts and taboos with regard to the socialist past. This chapter focuses on the artistic use of the body as a reader of leftover indices of this past. Material examples for these indices include architecture, historical audio recordings, manuscripts, notes, and diaries. The selected video works represent performative “readings” of external indexical topographies, such as that of the soviet communal flat (kommunalka), a rundown future spa facility or a soviet modernist building. Here, the body acts as a corporeal reading tool, which carries out the mnemonic process of indexically reading and analyzing (“reading traces”) in an imaginative way. Therefore, it plays a central role in video art as the ars memoriae of the present.

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