Ulrike Gerhardt

Ulrike Gerhardt is the artistic director of D’EST. As a cultural studies scholar and curator, she is currently researching cultural memory concerning post-socialist transformation within the framework of her PhD project Easternfuturist Memory: Morphologies of the Transformation in Postsocialist Video Art. For this, she is analyzing the ways in which video works by female artists and collectives of the “generation transformation” deal with the experiences of Perestroika, migration, globalization, ecosystems of damage and indexical landscapes after 1989 / 1991. Her writings have appeared in WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK. A Serpent’s Tale. The Many Headed Hydra #02 (edited by Suza Husse and Emma Haugh), Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017 – Out of Time Magazine, ARTMargins Online, feministische studien blog, Camera Austria, among others.